Latest PicoStreamer release is 2.2

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*live* broadcast yourself

Here you can find PicoStreamer, a set of script to build your own Internet station.

Starting from the v.2.2 you can broadcast live video usign Flash embedded source and player: internet broadcasting has never been so simple!

Main difference between PicoStreamer and other streaming software, is that you don't need to use a dedicated machine: a classic hosting space with Perl/PHP is enough to setup a true real LIVE web station.

Download it, check online documentation and, if in trouble, get help on forum.

This site tracks PicoStreamer stations in a directory listing so, if you don't want setup your own web radio, you can ever enjoy listening channels. Remember: PicoStreamer stations can be listened over business firewall and proxies; if you can browse the web, than you can listen.

Latest news
07/07/10 Forum in READ/ONLY mode
16/02/07 Audio and Video streams tested on Nintendo Wii console!
09/02/07 Updated Screenshots section
12/01/07 New server for free picostreamer accounts !!!
11/07/07 Added PicoStreamer internals in Documents section
20/12/06 PicoStreamer 2.2 released
11/12/06 Video tests terminated successfull! Ver 2.2 will broadcast you in live video!
19/11/06 Added the PicoStreamer Script Collection in Download section
18/11/06 Thanks to N6B.BiZ we can offer free picostreamer accounts !!!
07/08/06 Added Screenshots section
06/08/06 Added Saving hosting traffic using Relays in Documents section
05/08/06 Added some F.A.Q.s
05/08/06 PicoStreamer 2.1 released
Latest PicoStreamer

Version 2.2 released

  • Added live flash audio/video streaming support.
  • Added Flash encoder.
  • Added Flash player also for mp3.
  • Added Brasilian (PT) language.
  • Added dynamic playlist chooser.
  • Added content-length managing.
  • PicoIcy now in tray-bar.
  • Fixed list blocking on weird chars.
  • Removed php ctype_digits dependence.
  • Removed perl html::entitites dependence.
  • Fixed many minor bugs.

Troubles installing PicoStreamer?

You can try this Online Installer.

Giving it your ftp hostname, username and password you will get PS installed on your site in less than 10 seconds.

If you want help or simply discuss about PicoStreamer you can register to forum.

But, first of all, read the Online Documentation and the Frequently Asked Questions.

Before posting, read/search previous posts about your question.

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