Some images of PicoStreamer in action


Starting from version 2.2, PicoStreamer is able to stream live audio/video in Flash FLV format. A web encoder popup capture the stream from standard Windows capturing devices and sends data to PicoIcy. No Flash streaming server (like FCS or Red5) is required for this job.







Viewers can enjoy streams using an embedded player. This player can be used to listen also mp3 streams.







This is the main page of PicoStreamer: shows the username, current|peak|maxusers, bitrate of the stream and a little description. There are 4 icons that listeners can use to start their favourite player.





Logging in as admin, you can create/delete/modify users. You can limit maxusers and fine set advanced options. There is no limit to users that you can create.



Each user can login and change his own settings. A simple statistics panel shows number of connections, user-agents (players), hourly activity, etc...




To stream to a PicoStreamer server you can use PicoIcy: a simple application that wrap Shoutcast protocol to PS simple HTTP POST method.








PicoIcy works as a bridge from classic Shoutcast sources to a PicoStreamer server.








Since PicoStreamer works around the standard HTTP protocol, listeners can enjoy your stream over business firewalls and proxies. But also the source can send stream over a proxy. So, you can transmit from a behind-proxy station.



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