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PicoStreamer 2.2

This package includes all PicoStreamer toolset: server side files and PicoIcyNG client.


PicoIcy NG 061219

If you want only PicoIcyNG client...


This is PicoIcy NG executable single file, without installer.


This package contains c# source files of PicoIcy NG. If you want modify/customize it, try SharpDevelop, a wonderful, lightweight, opensource .Net IDE.

Remember: this project is released under the GPL License, so every code modification must be released under the GPL itself.


Flash stuff

FLA source files of swf components



This is a package of utility script to integrate PicoStreamer in your site. Will be updated in future...

In this 1.0 version there are:
- Online Image: to show an image when your stream is online
- Stream Stats: to show relevant statistics in your php page


Old versions

Version 2.1

Ask me if you want older versions.

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